Get answers to frequently asked questions about Eric Gillie Specialised Horse Transport.

What are the approximate costs?

Depending where from and to which area in the UK or Ireland we can price accordingly. We also have to take into account how much extra room a horse/pony may need if it hasn’t traveled before.Also we run large HGV’s and have Tachograph’s on board so all journeys are priced individually as part of a shared load .dedicated loads can arrange as an alternative and would be quoted accordingly

How will I know my horse/pony is safe?

We have been in business for over 40 years and were recently awarded the Royal Seal of approval by Her Majesty The Queen. Our staff are very experienced to care for your horse/pony whilst in our care.

All vehicles are Tracked by our office and home 24hrs a day,our yard has recording CCTv and large Guard dogs ,alarms and motion detectors also in place around the perimeter

When will I know when my horse/pony is being collected/delivered?

Our office staff will always call and give you a day for collection/delivery. Our drivers will always call you with a time or you can obtain a drivers number by calling the office. We do try not to arrive before 6am and after 9 pm as we feel this is unsociable and therefore horses/ponies may be stabled at our own yard overnight.

How often do you come to south of England/Wales/Ireland and North of Scotland?

We do weekly journeys to the South of England/Wales/Ireland  and North of Scotland. Weekly Trips to Europe can be arranged on request.

Can I send tack with my horse/pony?

Yes. We allow up to three black bags per horse/pony and this is free of charge. We do ask that it is sealed and labeled . If you do have a lot more then sometimes there will be an additional charge. Whilst every care is taken all equipment carried is entirely at the owner’s risk.

Can I travel with my horse/pony?

Unfortunately , I’m afraid not. Our insurance does not cover for passengers unless we are going to an event with a team and the vehicle is solely hired by them.

Will my horse lose weight during the journey?

All horses and ponies are different and cope with travelling in there own way. Generally most horses/ponies adapt fine to the conditions.We ensure all Horses/Ponies in our care are Hayed,Watered and if a customer request’s they are given a hard feed supplied by the customer .By ensuring the journey is broken and the Horse/Ponies are unloaded and stabled over night we feel this is less stressful during transit and keeping them in an environment they are used to

What happens if my horse/pony falls ill or is injured during transit?

Whilst every care is taken the animals are carried at entirely the owner’s risk. If the need to call a vet arises the owner is liable for all costs – we do have vet facilities at our yard and are on call 24 hours a day. Please see link or look at and read terms and conditions for more information.