We feel we run the most up to date fleet of horseboxes in the country – each of these vehicles have been designed and thought out thoroughly for our type of transportation so we know how the horses/ponies are going to travel. We currently run Scania/Daf/Renault master chassis all fitted with bespoke built Gazeley/STX & Oakley coach built bodies. We know these are the most reliable combinations on the market and having used these manufacturers for over 30 years now it gives us peace of mind knowing they are reliable and safe out on the road.

All our vehicles are by law required to have a six weekly safety inspections which are carried out locally at our Scania dealer so all our vehicles are permanently in 1st class condition. All the vehicles are sent to Gazely ,STX and Oakley Coachbuilders at least twice a year to have any maintenance needing attention and make sure they are in good working order.

All vehicles are type approved by AHVLA/FTA for journeys up to and over 12 hours.

We also run a 2 stall rear facing low entry (ideal for taking sick/injured horses to and from various veterinary practices/hospitals). We have 2 STX coach built horseboxes with a Renault chassis these are some of the latest additions to the fleet. This is mainly used for shorter journeys and is extremely handy for using locally.This is also available for a non share dedicated service

All our horseboxes are equipped with the most up to date technology by these leading coach builders. They have full size fully adjustable partitions to fit any size of equine, non slip rubber flooring, padded stalls, cooling fans, cctv and front and rear air suspension,electric ramps for easy low loading. The animals really are travelling in luxury and style!!

2019 Gazeley 10/11 Stall

2017 Oakley 4 Stall

2016 Oakley 10/11 Stall

2015 Oakley 9/10 stall

2 x STX 2 stall rear facing vehicles