services4Our service is to provide first class transportation of your horse or pony from one location to another. We can do multiples of horses/ponies if need be. We try to run our vehicles in a North to South direction and with having six of the bigger horseboxes we can cover almost all of the country at any one time. We are nearly always passing somebody’s door to go south or north enabling us to keep the cost of transport and journey times to a minimum. Also by giving the horses overnight rests en route makes sure there is no “zig zagging” around the countryside.

We have weekly journeys to the South of England, Wales and the North of Scotland. There are always shares available on these runs so booking in can be very quick but we do give customers the choice of which week they would prefer to travel. Transport to Northern and Southern Ireland is also a part of our weekly service and occasionally Europe. Please call our office for more details on these journeys.