micks phone 550stableyard1We have 20 internal and external stabling facilities at our yard near Kelso . All the stables are fitted with Quattro anti slip rubber flooring and Quattro rubber padded walls ensuring maximum comfort and safety for 1922205_659726167427269_1339137234_nhorses and ponies in transit whilst in our care.

We feel the rubber helps to eliminate the risk of infection due to constant cleanliness and disinfection after use.  We use Ultrabed Shavings to bed the horse/Ponies down due to there proven reliability for dust free shavings and stable management. All stables are fitted with automatic fresh water drinking bowls,Haybars and Swivel feed bowls.

We have four small turn out paddocks, which are post and railed and electrified for in transits should they need to be turned out during there stay with us. We also have a Claydon exercise pen available at our yard should a horse or pony need to stretch their legs during their stay with us with the customers permission.

Here at Eric Gillies ,we tend to collect horse/Ponies from location in and around Scotland at the end of the week and bring back to Kelso ,and due to Tachograph regulations ,working time regulations and the journey times horse/Ponies are permitted to travel we have the horses/ponies here in our care supervised 24 hours in our safe secure yard ,before they continue their journeys south on a Monday.We have been using this method for many years now and find it works very well.

Again due to Tachographs horse/ponies travelling to furthest points of UK or Ireland we will need to stop again and rest the animals at one off our various private yards we use throughout the UK and Ireland ensuring that the Horse/Ponies are  unloaded and rested before arriving to their destination in condition you the customer would expect

By abiding by animal health journey rules we make it company policy to use first class stabling facilities up and down the country . Using these facilities enables us to keep within the law and ensure the animal’s journey is as safe and stress free as possible,so when they reach there destination they look and feel like they have had a comfortable trip. We pride ourselves on ensuring the animals are rested and having these various locations all over the United Kingdom and Ireland at hand means we can always be in reasonable reach for safely unloading the horses/ponies.

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